Metrixion is able to assist in the foreign filing of patent applications. Most often we assist in the national phase filing of international (PCT) patent applications, but we also regularly assist in priority filings in the different countries. Besides taking care of all formal documents needed for filing, Metrixion also assists in the preparation of translations of patent application in the relevant languages. Since Metrixion is an European company we also handle the validation (including translations) of granted European patents in the different European countries.

Direct Filing

Metrixion can assist in the filing of Patent applications in any of the many countries where we have established relations with agents. Please consult our list of countries and regional offices where we operate to see the extent of our network. Should any required country not be on our list, please contact us and we will endeavor to find a suitable solution for you.

PCT National Phase Filing

One of Metrixion’s most valued services is our PCT National Phase filing service. Experienced users of the patent system know that the tasks associated with PCT National Phase entry can be laborious. In addition it may be complex to keep an overview on the specific requirements that apply for different countries. Metrixion can take away the National Phase entry burden for you. Use us as a single filing stop and rely on us to do the correspondence with the different local agents and translation service providers.

Validation of European Patents

Under the European Patent Convention (EPC), the grant of a European Patent is not the final stage, but more an intermediary point, as national validation formalities are required to effectuate the granted rights in those EPC contracting states where a patentee wishes to maintain its rights. Via our network of experienced agents, Metrixion offers excellent services for these post-grant formalities. With a single stop at Metrixion, you will be able to validate your granted rights in all the EPC contracting states where you require your rights to be maintained. Rely on us to do the correspondence with the various national agents and translation service providers.

Annuity Payments

The annual payment of maintenance fees is something that must be well organized. The annuity payment service of Metrixion has global coverage at highly competitive rates. Using Metrixion will take away much of the organizational tasks to maintain your patent portfolio. Request a quote to see what we can offer for your portfolio.