Metrixion assists clients in the foreign filing of patent application in countries all over the world.

For this purpose we have built a solid and reliable network of foreign associates in nearly all countries. With all associates competitive fee structures have been negotiated, which directly benefits our clients. Furthermore, since the quality of the worked performed is of paramount importance, the work carried out by the foreign associates is reviewed regularly.

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Why use Metrixion?

Using Metrixion helps you to carry out the foreign filing process much more efficiently.

Instead of having to communicate with various associates spread over different time zones, you now have one point of contact. Metrixion does not rely on reciprocity. Traditional patent firms only send work to foreign associates from which they may except applications to be sent back in return, thus these patent firms do not always to have a strong incentive to use the most competitive foreign associate.

Metrixion is free to negotiate the best fee structures and demands guarantees with respect to the quality of the work that is carried out.

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